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Lundu District Council
Pugu BeachPugu Beach

Pugu Beach is one of the newly developed beaches for tourism purposes in the Lundu area. The beach has a distance of nearly 8 kilometers and is one of the turtle stopping sites to lay eggs. This beach is recognized by many visitors having beautiful beaches and sea. From this beach we can see the beauty of Talang-Talang Kecil and Talang-Talang Besar.

Pugu Beach is about 20 kilometers from Lundu Town and is close to Pandan Beach, Siar Beach and Belungei Beach.

The beach is ideal for organizing various recreational activities and in view of the potential of the beauty of the beach, the Sarawak State Government intends to call the consultant to see the potential of the area as a new tourist attraction for Sarawak.

One of the natural beauty that can be found here is the view from the top of Gondol Hill. The hill has an altitude of almost 100 meters. The hill is very easy to climb and is ideal for climbers who are just about to climb as a sport. From this hill you are more likely to see the beauty of the beach and the South China Sea.

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