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The Environmental Innovation Convention or K.I.A.SThe Environmental Innovation Convention or K.I.A.S

1.0 Introduction

The Environmental Innovation Convention or K.I.A.S is a presentation program by a group of school students consisting of three to five participants. Presentations are about school-based 3R implementation initiatives and the innovation and creativity of this group of students in creating a 3R product that contributes to their regular activities both at school and outside of school. This convention is one of the initiatives of the Lundu District Council to ensure community development through educational development beginning in 2019. The program is the first program organized by the Sarawak State Local Authority. The convention is overseen by two major divisions of the Lundu District Council, the Community Development Division and the Health and Urban Services Division.


2.0 The objectives of organizing this convention are:

a. Encourage students to create creative and innovative 3R products.

b. Establishment of sustainable solid waste management.

c. Uncover potential students in public speaking.


3.0 The terms of participation for this Convention are:

a. Open to all schools in Lundu

b. Each group consists of three to five students.

c. Each group is coordinated by a mentor teacher.


4.0 The scoring criteria is based on:

a. Introduction

b. The school's commitment to 3R practice

c. Product creation 3R

d. Achievement and Impact 3R

e. Performance


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