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Perkhidmatan Atas Talian Kerajaan

Government to Community (G-C) Services
  1. Talikhidmat - Make enquiries, complaints and suggestion to all the Government and non-Government organisation
  2. Paybills -  Pay Water Bills (Rural Water Supply Department of Sarawak, Kuching Water Board, Sibu Water Board, LAKU Managment Sdn. Bhd.)
  3. Paybills -  Pay Electricity bills (SESCO)
  4. Paybills -  Pay Telecommunications (Telephone and Internet Service) bills (Telekom Malaysia Bhd., TMNet)
  5. Paybills -  Pay Study loan (State Public Service Commissions)
  6. Paybills -  Pay Study Loan (Yayasan Sarawak)
  7. Paybills -  Pay Councils' assessment bills (25 Councils)
  8. Paybills -  Pay Land Rent and Land Installment Premium (Land and Survey Department)
  9. e-Recruitment - Apply to Join Public Service in 29 State Government Agencies
  10. e-Scholarship - Apply for Scholarships from State Public Services Commisssions.
  11. eLibraries - Online Public Access Catalog
  12. eLibraries - E-Newspaper
  13. eLibraries - Sarawak State Bibliography
  14. eLibraries - Electronic Document Delivery & Payment (EDDP)
  15. eLibraries - Electronic Text Research
  16. eLibraries - Sarawak Authors
  17. eLibraries - Sarawak Business Directory
  18. eR&DO - Apply for child adoption
  19. eR&DO - Check child adoption application status
  20. eR&DO - Register Probate with District Office
  21. eR&DO - Check Probate registration status
  22. e-Booking - Booking of the State Government facilities
  23. Handy Guide to Sarawak Government Services
  24. iHydro - Online Water Level & Rainfall Data
  25. e-Map - Search for land information as well as to purchase maps
  26. e-Rent - Land Rent  & Premium Enquiry
  27. LawNet - To search and view ordinances and laws related to Sarawak
Government to Business (G-B) Services
  1. eLibraries - Sarawak Business Directory
  2. eR&DO - Search business name availability
  3. eR&DO - Register business name
  4. eR&DO - Check status of the business name registration.
  5. e-Contractor and Consultant - Search and view contractors Registry.
  6. e-Contractor and Consultant - Register as Government Contractor / Consultant.
  7. e-Tender Notice - View the state government tender notice
  8. eMINDS - Electrical Inspectorate Unit Main Information, Network and Database System (Wayleave, Energy Balance, Register as Switchboard Manufacturer, Register as Electrical Installation Contractor, Certification of Approval (COA)/ Import Permit, Register as Competent Person (Wireman/ Chargeman/Competent Electrical Engineer/Electrical Services Engineer/Electrical Supervisor)
  9. Entrepreneur Registration -  Register with the State Government to participate in  the training and promotion programme for native entrepreneur.
  10. Industrial Coordination Committee System (ICCS) - Application for Manufacturing Permit and Industrial Lot developed by MID via Ministry of Industrial Development Sarawak.
  11. HomeApps - For housing developers and advocates in Sarawak to apply for normal and low cost housing licenses and permits. And for the house purchasers to lodge a Tribunal claims.
Government to Government (G-G) Services
  1. Government Employee Management System (SCS-GEMS)
  2. Webmail
  3. e-Prestasi
  4. Rural Transformation Project Monitoring System