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The Official Website of
Lundu District Council

According to former Secretary of the Council, namely, Kr. Jonathan Saban, Council’s logo was originally a pair of pigeons sitting on a branch with a turn to the left and a again turned to the right. Two-tailed Pigeon meaning selected for prosperity and solidarity (Peace and Unity).

Lundu District Council in the Full Council Meeting has agreed and proposes to change the logo of the Council present to the Rafflesia and some elements that exist in this area as one of the strategies of the Council to attract more tourists here and at the same time to introduce District Lundu as a tourist center. Rafflesia selected for its own uniqueness and to introduce the place where the plant was first found that start at Gunung Gading and the pride of the community Lundu.


Lundu District Council’s logo has been redesigned to include five elements, namely Rafflesia flowers, mountains, rivers and beaches, pitcher and shield.

1. Rafflesia Flower

Rafflesia Flower is the biggest flower in the world. This flower grows in abundance around the mountains in Lundu. According to the study, there are two species of this flower that grows which are "Tuan Mudae" and "Hasseltii". "Tuan Mudae” species are grown in four countries in the world, namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. However, the "hasseltii" species only grow in two locations in the world, namely in Sumatra and Tanjung Datu National Park, Lundu.

Rafflesia has been selected as one of the elements in the council’s logo and placed in the center of the logo symbolizes the council’s goal to be a great organization and an example to other organizations.

2. Mountain

Lundu has several mountains such as Mount Pueh and Mount Gading. Mount Gading is located adjacent to the Lundu town. If you are in Lundu town you will see the majestic mountains and the city as a backdrop to Lundu.

The majestic Mount Gading is made for the second element in the logo symbolizes the strength of the staff morale in facing their daily tasks for providing the best services to the local community.

3. Beach and river

Lundu district is rich in marine resources and tourism. In addition, Lundu have a river rich in fish and prawn. Batang Kayan river flowing in the middle of the town of Lundu is natural landmarks for Lundu district.

The shape of the flow of water in the bottom of the logo symbolizes the river and the coast which mean harmony between council staff to ensure that all work is carried out with enthusiasm to cooperate with each other regardless of race and religion.

4. Pitcher plant

The pitcher is a plant that grows in the vicinity of the Lundu. Various species of pitcher plants can be found in this area.

The pitcher picked as one element in the logo symbolizes the diversity in council’s staff expertise addressing the issues in which every problem can be handled with the utmost dedication through discussion and techniques of creative and innovative solutions.

5. Shield

A shield represent a unity among employees in facing the task of twists and challenges that lie ahead to ensure that the local community and customers are always satisfied with the service delivered.


a. Green

Freshness in green give a brilliant idea and the balance of the administration through the best management between Councilors and Council staff.

b. Yellow

 golden staff loyalty to the organization in carrying out its duties and responsibilities assigned.

c. Red

determination and enthusiasm of staff to ensure that the event becomes a best and world-class organization.