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The Official Website of
Lundu District Council

"Toward Making Lundu A Natural Beach City"

Management Services Division - Administration Section

(Location: Pugu Beach, Lundu)

Management Services Division - Finance Section

(Location: Pugu Beach , Lundu)

Community Development Division - Library Section

(Location: Siar Beach, Lundu)

Community Development Division - Community Section

(Location: Siar Beach, Lundu)

Lundu District Council's Village Libraries Atandant

(Location: Siar Beach, Lundu)

Rating and Valuation Division

(Location: Sampadi Beach, Lundu)

Engineering Division

(Location: Pandan Beach, Lundu)

Health and Urban Services Division

(Location: Pueh Beach, Lundu)

Enforcement Division

(Location: Belungei Beach, Lundu)