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Lundu District Council
Maricultured Coral FarmingMaricultured Coral Farming

Sarawak represents the largest sea area in Malaysia with water coastal depth of 200 meters and may incline to a depth of 1000 meters. It also represents the longest coastal in Malaysia with a stretch distance of 1,753 km.

More than half of Southeast Asia’s hard coral species diversity is found in the South China Sea. Currently, the coral species diversity at different sites around South China Sea, ranging from between 12 to 551, which reflecting the influence of physical parameters and human activity. Most of the coral reefs in Sarawak are found offshore, nowhere near any islands or land mass. These reefs are establish in patches and distributed from Tanjung Dato, Kuching in the south to as far north as the Luconia shoals. The nearest reefs (about 20 to 40 minutes by speed boat) are found within Tanjung Dato, Talang Talang Island and Satang Island which was in Lundu, Bintulu-Similajau, Miri-Sibuti and Bukit Sari, Lawas.

Coral farming industry is the business of cultivating or raising coral species for a number of economic needs such as research, resale, medical, coral reef restoration and others.

There are two distinctive methods in which coral farming propagates corals. Aquaculture is the process of cultivating or raising aquatic species in a closed environment and mariculture is a specialized branch of aquatic farming which propagate these same aquatic species but in the open ocean or an enclosed section of the ocean. Both methods purpose is to replicate the natural environment as closely as possible.

In Lundu, a company named TROPICAL LIFE OCEAN Sdn Bhd was responsible to implement coral mariculture which now  they are managing the biggest coral farm in Malaysia with a total areas of 1,450 acre which located 5 minutes from Pandan Beach.

TROPICAL LIFE OCEAN Sdn. Bhd was incorporated on the 23rd September 2015, and its operation is located at the Kuching, Sarawak. They seeks to establish a coral mariculture farm with the objective to tap on the potential market of ornamental coral and promote coral culturing as a tourism attraction for the state of Sarawak.