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The Official Website of
Lundu District Council
Trip to LunduTrip to Lundu


There are two ways to reach Lundu: you can either connect through the 10 km Kota Sentosa link through the Bau road, or chose the Sempadi coastal road from Matang. Whichever is your choice, do remember to get a road map or to plan a GPS navigator so you will not get lost. Of course, the above info is useless if you plan to get to Lundu on a bus, taxi or organized tour.



Kuching Sentral is the transportation hub in Sarawak which serves the arrival and departure for long distance express buses, regional buses and cross border express bus. Examples of long distance servicing routes includes Kuching to Miri, Kuching to Bintulu, Kuching to Sibu, as well as Kuching to Pontianak (City in West Kalimantan).
As for regional servicing routes, it includes Kuching nearby cities like Kuching to Lundu.

How do get to Kuching Sentral: 

1) From Kuching city;
With bus 3A with frequency of about 20 minutes during day time. The fare is approximately at RM2.

2) From Airport
With a taxi is less than 5 minutes;
Walking is about 20 minutes. Walking is not recommended because the road is pretty much a highway, it does not have any walking path or shades.


Your journey to Lundu should take you around 2 hours, depending on the route and on the driver of course.

a. Using  Sempadi route

From Kuching City, take the Satok way leading to the Satok bridge. Drive on until you reach a roundabout and take the 12 o’clock junction direction Matang. Follow that road straight until you reach another roundabout, take the 3rd junction next to Emart Lee Ling Supermarket, and drive on. Once Court Mammoth come to sight, turn right; should you miss the junction, enter the SMK Matang Hilir junction. Both roads will take you to a left turn heading towards Telaga Air Road, which is well indicated. This is a country, quite unpopulated area, where you can spot horses and cows on both sides of the road during your drive.

Sempadi ferry

Continue straight until you arrive at  the Rambungan junction on your left: this is the start of the rural Sempadi route, which will homage you with sights of local farmers villages, bailey bridges, papaya and banana trees, watermelon fields and palm oil plantations.

Once you see the palm oil plantation, you need to be alert since you will be near a T-junction: the signboard will indicate left towards Bau/Kuching and right towards Lundu/Sematan. Take the right lane and drive straight, passing a bridge. On your right side is a small road going to Kampung Stunggang Melayu Lama; take this shortcut if you want to get to Lundu faster..

Signboards along the way to Lundu

If you decide to head towards Sematan instead, ignore the side road to Kampung Stunggang Melayu Lama and drive straight until another T-junction will give you the last choice: left to Sematan and right to Lundu.

b. Using  Batu Kawa route

From Kuching city, take a new highway to Bau via the Batu Kawa bridge, all the way straight driving until a t-junction,  turn right to continue to Lundu,  then just follow the road sign.

Enjoy the drive.