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The Official Website of
Lundu District Council
Council Functions and rolesCouncil Functions and roles


The functions and duties of the Council are as set out under the Local Council Ordinance, the General Health Ordinance and any relevant By-Law or regulations made thereunder. In short, the responsibilities of the Council are: -

1. Provide efficient and efficient service continuously.

2. Planning, implementing and maintaining Council development projects.

3. Formulate, review and implement Legislative Council.

4. Ensure that every stake in the District Council administration is measured, assessed and subjected to door tax / levy (oil palm estate estates).

5. Plan, manage and address public hygiene and health problems.

6. Formulate, review and enforce existing laws under the jurisdiction of the Council.

7. Coordinate, receive and manage reports of Council activities.

8. Provision of public facilities such as sports field children's playgrounds, recreation places and others

9. As the authorities approve the construction of certain buildings and streets within its administrative area

10. Monitor advertising activities and activities in entertainment centers around the city

11. Require any public member who is misleading to comply with the instructions or notice and to take legal action if a person who commits an offense refuses to comply with notice or direction

12. As the authorities issue lessen for businesses carried out under its care areas such as food and beverage outlets, food factories, markets and hawkers, store and sell petrol, entertainment centers, barber shops and salons, hotels and guest houses.

13. Plan, manage and provide public library facilities.