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Lundu District Council

The early history of the Lundu District Council is just like other councils in Sarawak which was in 1953, chaired by D.L BRUEN (1953-1956), which was then known as Lundu District Authority.


Gambar kenangan Ahli Majlis dan Pegawai Daerah di hadapan bangunan "Lundu District Local Authority" pada tahun 1957

In early 1957, the Lundu District Local Authority was re-established and known as Lundu District Council until the restructuring of Local Councils in 1981 till today to handle the management and administrative duties of the Lundu District.

The Lundu District Council Office is located at the Lundu Pandan road, near the town of Lundu, opposite the Batang Kayan river. There are 32 council members including Chairman and Deputy Chairman appointed as Council Member by His Excellency's Speaker of the State of Sarawak to perform all the obligations entrusted to the people.


The population of Lundu District according to the 2010 statistic is 34,576 people comprising the Bidayuh (Jagoi, Selako and Lara), Chinese, Malay, Iban and others. The majority are Bidayuh. Population density are 17.6 people per square kilometre.

Economic Activity and Agriculture

Almost 80% of the people in Lundu District are engaged in agriculture, most of them consisting of cocoa, black pepper, rice, fruit and oil palm. At the coastal areas are mostly fishermen. The development of agricultural sector is much support by the government and private agencies such as Agricultural Department, FELDA, SALCRA, farmers'association, SEDC, PELITA, FELCRA and others.

In addition, logging activities, boards, silk preservation, crab catching, tiger shrimp, freshwater fish and silica sand extraction are also being implemented as one of the economic resources for the people around here.

Lundu Town distance from the following places:

* from Kuching City             100 km
* from Bau Town                 70 km
* from Sematan Town          28 km
* from Biawak Town            26 km
* from Pandan  Beach          10 km