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International beauty contestants to visit Lundu
Tarikh : 23 Jun 2022  Sumber Berita:

Bringing the world to Lundu poster.

BySarah Hafizah Chandra


May 12, 2022


KUCHING: YAST Group is bringing the world to Lundu in conjunction with the Miss Tourism International 2022 (MTI 2022) world final here in November.

According to the founder and chairlady of YAST Group Esther Law Lee Poh, the organising committee of MTI 2022 held a meeting to discuss and proceed with the preparation of the MTI contestants’ visit to Lundu in November during their 18-day stay for the MTI 2022 world final in Sarawak.

“With the initiative of the organising committee for this special mission to Lundu, there shall be a press conference in Lundu this coming June where further details will be announced.

“We are bringing the world to Lundu, a hidden gem of Sarawak,” Law wrote in her Facebook page on Tuesday (May 10).

Law, who is also in the organising committee of MTI World Final 2022, said the contestants would get the opportunity to experience the rich flora and fauna, the beaches and waterfall in Lundu.

Also present at the meeting were political secretary to the premier Niponi Undek and Lundu District Officer Gustian Durani.