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Lundu sports complex in need of upgrading, says Tanjong Datu rep
Tarikh : 10 Mar 2022  Sumber Berita:

Rentap (second right) Azizul (second left) see for themselves the Lundu Sport Complex.


KUCHING (March 10): Lundu Sports Complex requires upgrading and repair in accordance with world sports standard, says Tanjong Datu assemblyman Azizul Annuar Adenan.

He said if the Lundu Sports Complex is upgraded, it can one day be used to train prospective Sarawak sportsmen.

He said the only facility for sports activities in Lundu was the Lundu Sports Complex at Jalan Melintang.

“If the international border is opened in the future, I expect to make friendly matches and international football matches like before would boost the sports industry in Sarawak,” he said when welcoming Deputy Minister of Youth, Sports and Entrepreneur Development Dato Gerald Rentap Jabu at the Lundu District Council office, who was here on a working visit to Lundu yesterday.

One of the places that Rentap visited with Azizul was the Lundu Sports Complex, which is the only place for the youth and people here to carry out sports, leisure and recreational activities.

“From information I have received about this sports complex is that it is now 24 years old.

“Facilities such as football stadiums, indoor stadiums, futsal courts that are old like this need regular maintenance so that they can be used with emphasis on safety and health,” Rentap said.

Meanwhile, Azizul said the allocation channelled by the Ministry of Youth to the council from the very beginning was about RM48,000 annually. It has always been said to be ‘taken care of’ by the Lundu District Council’.

“I have been informed that the council secretary will brief me more details.

“This sports complex needs more and regular maintenance work, repairs and upgrades. However, with an allocation of only RM48,000 a year, it is quite impossible for any physical upgrade work and monthly maintenance to be done.