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"Highly Immersive Program And Science Technology Engineering Mathematic" (HIP & STEM)
Posted on : 28 Sep 2019

28/09/2019 by Jasper Robin

LUNDU - Lundu District Council (MDL) for the first time successfully organised a program called "Highly Immersive Program And Science Technology Engineering Mathematic" (HIP & STEM) which was launched by Kr Senghie Kutong, Chairman of the MDL’s Sports, Culture and Youth Committee on 28 September 2019. In his opening remarks, he emphasized that the approach of the program was important to bring awareness to both the school and parents in the use of English and involvement in producing something.

The "Highly Immersive Program & Science Technology Engineering Mathematic Project" (HIP & STEM) is one of the initiatives between the Lundu District Council and the Lundu District Education Office to increase the use of English among students. This is because students today are less likely to use English in their daily learning. In addition, the program is aimed at highlighting the talents, mindsets, skills, abilities, potential of students in carrying out a given project at the same time. This is a "hands on" and a "mind on" for the students.

The program is also aimed at stimulating students' interest in technology and enhancing student competitiveness in line with the Industrial Era 4.0. About 102 participants from 34 schools in the Lundu District attended the program. Also present at the session were Mr Khuswadi an officer from Lundu District Education Office, council members, parents and schools in Lundu District.