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Lundu District Council
Posted on : 05 Nov 2019


LUNDU - The 2019 Lundu District’s School Environmental Innovation Convention (KIAS) has successfully leveraged the talent of school children in the Lundu district in producing creative products based on recycled goods. In addition to the group presentations at the two-day convention session at the Lundu Community Hall, these students also presented the implementation of 3R programs conducted in their respective schools where the involvement of the program was not limited to students and teachers but also the parents of the students.

The first convention ever was the first initiative of the Lundu District Council (MDL) in cultivating 3R activities at the school level. This year, KIAS 2019 was joined by 15 groups from 10 schools in the Lundu district. Two categories were contested, namely, Primary School and Secondary School Category.

The closing ceremony of KIAS 2019 was officiated by YB Datuk Amar Hajah Jamilah Binti Haji Anu, N3 assemblywoman of Tanjong Datu. In her speech, she supported the initiative of the MDL in fostering a culture of “ceridak” (impurities) among the local community by initiating it from school children. She also hopes that the MDL's efforts to realize KIAS will continue next year.

Mdm Norashikin binti Brahim, Secretary of MDL, said that she wish that at the upcoming KIAS 2020 more 3R innovation products and 3R programs could be implemented by the school in promoting recycling practices to ensure that solid waste management can be practiced from the school level.

At this year's KIAS 2019, each competing group was awarded the KIAS Star Award in addition to announcing the winners of each category. Among the groups involved are DESM'Q (3 stars) and LACC SQ (3 stars) of SMK Senibong, Lundu A (4 Stars), Lundu B (4 Stars) and Lundu C (3 Stars) of SMK Lundu, Rafflesia Blooms 1 (3 Stars) and Rafflesia Blooms 2 (3 Stars) from SK Bumiputera, Potential Generation (4 Stars) and Superheros 3R (4 stars) from SK Sampadi, Sakuta (4 Stars) from SK Sebat, The Amazing Child (3 Stars) from SK Stoh, Power Of Mind (3 Stars) from SK Paon / Temaga, R'Vengers (4 Stars) from SK Pueh, SK Jangkar Team (3 Stars) from SK Jangkar and Green Squad (4 Stars) from SK Sematan.

Champions in the Secondary School Category were won by Group Lundu B, second place won by Group Lundu A and Third place by Group DESM’Q. While in the Primary Schools category, the champion was won by the Group R'Vengers, the runner-up was won by the Group Potential Generation and the third place was won by the Superheros 3R. The Best Performances in the Secondary School Category were won by the Lundu Group B while the Best Performances in the Primary Category Awards were won by the Green Squad.

At the same time, the MDL launched their innovative product MDL PortableBin, a portable multi-purpose bin stand and was used at two festivals held in the Lundu district namely Sematan Festival 2019 and Batang Kayan Festival 2019.

The event concludes with a photo session with YB Datuk Amar Hajah Jamilah. Also present at the event were Mr Gustian bin Haji Durani, MDL Chairman, Dr Cheong Yaw Liang from the Sarawak Ministry of Local Government and Housing, Mr Mohamad Nor from the Lundu District Education Office, Council Members and Heads of Departments.